BitHelmet 1.3

BitHelmet obfuscator protects your .NET Portable Executables
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BitHelmet performs the most advanced obfuscation techniques, in order to render identifier names meaningless (Renaming), Protect Strings, make your control flow irreversible,stop ildasm and ilasm, make reflector crash, and optimizing your code in the process. BitHelmet obfuscator protects your .NET Portable Executables (dlls and exes) by applying state-of-the art obfuscation techniques. Obfuscation is the best way to stop hackers, pirates, and intellectual property thieves. BitHelmet stops decompilers and reverse engineering tools.
-Supports for multiassembly applications
-Supports Winform applications
-Supports ASP.NET applications
-Supports Console applications
-Renames Types and Members
-Predefined Exclusions
-Predefined Exclusions for LinQ
-Full Signature Renaming
-Control Flow Obfuscation
-Code optimization

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